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Did you know double digit annual return on investment(ROI) is possible in real estate in cashflow alone? 

To illustrate the point check out this video:

Great returns are possible without the added volatility of a boom-bust oil town or fancy & complex strategies like “sandwich leases”. 

A market with high rents and low prices makes traditional buy-and-rent a great way to get high yield. Add good reasons for prices to increase and you’ve got a home run!

This blog exists to share the incredible real estate opportunities in Kamloops BC.


Sam has been busy buying property in Kamloops with friends and family since 2009 with great results!  


So great in fact, Sam is compelled to share the opportunities he has discovered with you.


You can trust the information here, because Sam DOESN’T SELL REAL ESTATE !  Sam is buying Real Estate in Kamloops because this is where his money is working the hardest.  Browse this site and learn why Kamloops is a great place to grow your money too.


If this is your first visit, you can start by reading this concise series of blog posts on why Kamloops Real Estate is a smart investment.



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