I used to think I wanted to be rich.


As I have matured, and experienced many things that “riches” bring I learned that being rich is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Trips, vehicles, new clothing, the newest electronics, vacations, eating out, are as a whole unsatisfying to me.

Not worth striving for. Not a big enough reason to work as hard as I have been.

Sound familiar?


A course I took last year helped me learn that I don’t want to be rich at all!  What I want need is a wealthy life.

For me a wealthy life means control of my time, the ability to help others, and a strong reason to the question – why bother?


Consider these principles I have adopted for building REAL life wealth:




– belief in Christianity and the promises of Christ(salvation history is fascinating if you take the time to study). God’s revelation of himself to humanity.
– in the systems I am employed to protect:  Democracy(the worst form of government, except all others), and Capitalism(every person is free to make a million, or free to starve – Andrew Carnegie)




– for the future
– in humanity(check out TED for examples)
by cherishing a desire with anticipation


Hope System




– in practice by giving freely of time and financial resources (benefits are that it feels good, and is an investment in the future as well: the more you give, the more is given back)
– the virtue embodied by showing love and kindness, showing other you care
– in principal by interpreting other’s statements in the most rational, best and strongest interpretation


In summary, for REAL Life Wealth, I am striving to adhere to the above principals to become the best version of myself in all ways: financially(as a responsible steward of wealth), spiritually, in education, in relationships with others, in fitness, in business, and as a husband/father.

I encourage you to do the same!


Until next time,

Stay S.A.F.E.