Here I am helping my new tenant move at 8pm on the 1st, instead of cuddling my wife at home like I would have preferred. There was no moving trucks available so I volunteered my trailer and my strong back to get it done.

I know that this small sacrifice on my part makes a huge difference in the lives of my tenants, so I’m happy to do so whenever possible.

I also like to reward tenants during the tenancy. I had a tenant who spent his afternoon shovelling the neighbourhood properties, my neighbours were very happy and told me so. I promptly went to get a $50 Tim’s card and a movie pass with a note “thanks for being such great tenants. ”

There is a self serving benefit as well: when I start a tenancy off on the right foot with an act of kindness and a welcome basket, I know my tenants will reciprocate by treating the place with respect and being flexible when things go wrong.

It’s win/win. The benefits of this attitude far outweighs the chance of being taken advantage of.

I know it will happen, but I also know I have recourse, and am quick to implement it when things do go wrong.

This is a business after all, so the law of reciprocity is attempted one time with each person, if they let me down there are no second chances!

I’ve found this approach produces a tenant profile who consistently pay top of market rents on time and care for the property.


Until next time,


Stay S.A.F.E.




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