I want to share a recent email I got from a big bank. 

Sxxxxxxxxx Advisor and Bio

Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx
to me 
6 days ago
Hello Samuel,
 As a valued customer, I want to introduce myself as I will now be looking after your day to day financial and investing needs. I would also like to confirm your home phone number is (250) 828-xxxx.
 My name is Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx. My training and education allows me to help you achieve your financial goals by providing valuable insight and relevant advise. I am a graduate of the University of Nxxxxxx Xx, with a Bachelor of Commerce and I also hold the Personal Financial Planner designation. I have worked with Sxxxxxxxxx clients for 15 years.
What I can do for you: 

  • Provide value-added advise, excellent service and relevant financial solutions to help you get ahead financially.
  • Work with you to ensure your financial needs are looked after and your goals stay on track.
  • I would be pleased to meet with you and help you achieve your goals. Please call me today to arrange your personal consultation. Thank you for choosing Sxxxxxxxxx.
    Have an excellent day.
    Kind Regards,
    Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxx, BComm, PFP
    Financial Advisor
    Sxxxxxxxxx | Sahali Branch  Notre Dame Drive, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, V2C 6T6
     T 1.250.xxx.xxxx EXT xxxx  F 1.250.xxx.xxxx
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    It was a friendly(though unsolicited) invitation to share my hopes and dreams for the future with a stranger, so they can help me achieve them. 

    How nice. 

    I normally don’t spend much time entertaining these things, but I thought that since this email was so politely written I should at least have the courtesy to reply:

    Sam P
    to Sxxxxxxxx
    6 days ago

    Hi Sxxxxxxxx
    Thanks very much for contacting me! 
    I would love the opportunity to meet and chat. Are you are probably aware I have a mortgage at Sxxxxxxxxx. 
    I’ve been buying property since 2009 and currently hold $2.8M in residential real estate with partners($19,636/mo gross rents), and in 30 years will own 40% of that free and clear($1.12M so long as the market doesn’t go down over the next 30 years). My annual rental income at that time should be around $100k/yr if I don’t buy any more property or raise the rents, but I plan on buying as much as possible so hopefully it will be higher. 
    In the meantime I am providing my money partners with a great ROI(equity partners get over 10% annual ROI if counting net cashflow and thier share of mortgage pay down, debt partners are paid between 4-8% for loans on my property). 
    After completing the CSC, I have a rough understanding of the financial markets and know there is over a trillion dollars sitting idle in candian mutual funds(that have some of the highest fees on the world), so I am doing my best to help people get a decent ROI through real estate, so they too can reach their goals. 
    Perhaps you or your clients would be interested, my investments are also RSP elligible(mortgage in a self directed account). 
    In any event I would love to meet. 
    When are you free?


    It has been a week and I have not received a reply…

    I was really hoping for some helpful advise, or at least to compare bank accounts.  I heard once “don’t take financial advice from someone who earns less” and also from Aesop himself “distrust interested advice“. 

    Perhaps I will receive a reply in time, when I do I will be sure to let you know. 
    Until next time,
    Stay SAFE