Invest Kamloops Newsletter | August 25, 2015 | Vol 2 | Issue 12


And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.- The Golden Rule


Time flies… It’s already been a year since these little munchkins entered our lives and wow have they grown! Today Marcy and I celebrate 8 years married. Wow. 2015-06-28 09.42.42


I tried my hand at “scrapbooking” for Marcy’s birthday last week, and made a mini picture album of the past year.  It is hard to believe how much can change in such a short time!  Going through photos I think our kids have doubled in size! Landen is now the age we first met Livy(he couldn’t even crawl then), and she is talking enough to have a meaningful conversation! I’ve discovered why time seems to move so fast, you can read about it here if you are so inclined. 

Anyway, here is the latest jam packed newsletter:

    1. Book review – How to Win Friends and Influence People.
    2. Invest Kamloops TV – Purchase of a house with suite(before and after videos)
    3. Deal of the Week
    4. Financial Advisors work for? – My dealings with a financial advisor. 
    5. Is a pension like a Set For Life ticket?
    6. Q2 Local Economic Update – $168,000,000 GDP Sample for Kamloops in Q2
    7. Rent to own Summit Review

PS: The Golden Rule theme runs though most of this newsletter content: from how to win friends, to how to structure fair RTO deals, to me GIVING AWAY my latest deal with $30K equity in it(normally you would have to be a subscriber), doing well to unto others is a reward in itself. Hope you enjoy!

Book Review – How to win friends and Influence people

There is nothing new to be said about Dale Carnegie’s book, I have heard it quoted by many people(cited or not) teaching self improvement, and it is very cool to have found the source of so much of what I have learned.

All these rules can be summed up quite easily. “Kill them with kindness” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” come to mind.

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Invest Kamloops TV

Here is a great buy that is going to cashflow like crazy thanks to a new strategy: Furnished Rentals! Check out the Before video, and below it, an after tour when it is almost complete. This place rents for about $3700/mo, although the renovation has taken longer than expected 🙁

And here is the after-reno video:



$337K purchase, $30K for renos and furniture, about $370K all in. Rents may be over $4100 in the near future, I will talk about my experience with student/furnished rentals in a future post. As you can see, there are lots of good deals to be had in Kamloops.


Do You Need Real Estate Advice? 

1 on 1 coaching is available to very qualified clients. Are you… seeking a good real estate investment? Struggling with a nightmare tenant? Thinking about selling?

If you have a real estate problem, advice from a third party can be invaluable. I have a solid consulting track record and have dealt with financing solutions, private sales, multiple offers, negotiations, evictions, filling vacancies, and every tenant situation imaginable.  Since my personal services are in very high demand, consulting rates are $150 for a laser focused 15 minute in person or phone session, to a maximum of four consecutive sessions. 

Book a FREE, no obligation, 15 minute phone call with me to learn if we can work well together. Call or email* 

*When requesting a phone call, please provide as much information as possible.  A detailed summary with the complete circumstances will ensure I can best help you quickly.



Deal of the Week

Here is a freebie: A townhouse that appears to be $30K under appraised value. Motivated seller wants to move to LMD before winder and doesn’t want to use a realtor.  Complex is new to me but documents I reviewed(Depreciation Report and Form B) look great.

Pacific Way Townhouse


Besides this one, I have a couple deals in the works. You see a conservative return of at least 10%/yr in a joint venture with me, or less if you wish to loan money instead(registered funds are eligible).

To get full pro forma with the address and detailed numbers, you must either be on my investors list by clicking here, or be a paid subscriber(I am practically giving these away.)  You can see what a full proforma looks like by clicking here: 724 Battle Street.

There are simply too many good deals in Kamloops for me to capitalize on all of them. As result, I will be publishing my proforma reports and the plans I would carry out on these properties to produce the double digit returns I talk about on this website.

Since I am doing deal analysis on an ongoing basis anyway, I may as well help anyone who is searching for their next property in Kamloops.

The value of these analysis?

Well, if I could purchase them all, each one would be worth $1000/mo(the REAL cashflow of my most recent deal). Since I cannot at the moment purchase them all, you can have them for $7 each.

Why only seven dollars when I spend at least two hours per week on my initial due diligence?  Because I want to make sure the opportunities I find benefit you, my loyal readers.  If you can make money with a property I find, that makes me happy.

If you would like to access to the password protected site area “Deal of the Week”,



Financial Advisors Work For…?

I want to share a recent email I got from a big bank. 
Sxxxxxxxxx Advisor and Bio

Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx
to me
6 days ago
Hello Samuel,
As a valued customer, I want to introduce myself as I will now be looking after your day to day financial and investing needs. I would also like to confirm your home phone number is (250) 828-xxxx.
My name is Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx. My training and education allows me to help you achieve your financial goals by providing valuable insight and relevant advise. I am a graduate of the University of Nxxxxxx Xx, with a Bachelor of Commerce and I also hold the Personal Financial Planner designation. I have worked with Sxxxxxxxxx clients for 15 years.
What I can do for you:

  • Provide value-added advise, excellent service and relevant financial solutions to help you get ahead financially.
  • Work with you to ensure your financial needs are looked after and your goals stay on track.

I would be pleased to meet with you and help you achieve your goals. Please call me today to arrange your personal consultation. Thank you for choosing Sxxxxxxxxx.
Have an excellent day.
Kind Regards,
Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxx, BComm, PFP
Financial Advisor
Sxxxxxxxxx | Sahali Branch  Notre Dame Drive, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, V2C 6T6
T EXT xxxx  F
To unsubscribe from receiving further commercial electronic messages from sxxxxxxx in Canada, please click here: unsubscribe from receiving further commercial electronic messages from certain other senders set out in the attached list, please click here: This email may contain confidential information the use of which by an unintended recipient is unauthorized. This email may also contain important disclosure information for the records of the intended recipient(s). For details please click here:

It was a friendly(though unsolicited) invitation to share my hopes and dreams for the future with a stranger, so they can help me achieve them.

How nice…

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Set for Life(?)

This is for all my friends lucky enough to have an employer with a pension plan, although I am specifically speaking about the RCMP pension plan, this information holds true for most others as well. To my readers without pensions, you’re lucky not to have these “golden handcuffs”(you will be forced out of nessesity to find your path sooner, and done correctly your choices will dwarf any pention!)

You may not have realized it, but when you signed up you entered a world few people know.
About ten years later you’ve had your ups and downs, your career is off to a good start, and you likely have the rest of your working life planned out.
You’ve made a difference, changed many lives, did some great work, served your country and community.
You also have more responsibility. Perhaps you got married(more than once), had kids, started to support your aging parents, picked up some new hobbies, and likely some debt.
You’ve never worried about finances, after all there is plenty of overtime(one of the benefits of being short staffed), and you’ve got a pention at the end of it all.

Your set for life!


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Kamloops Q2 2015 Economic Fundamentals

Kamloops Second Quarter of 2015 Economic Update

These articles may seen boring, but money being spent in Kamloops represents GDP growth.  That means jobs, which means people, which means higher home prices and tighter rent markets, GREAT NEWS for landlords like you and me :).

Millions have been earmarked for Kamloops, and shovels are in the ground! Check out this list of$168M(!!!!!) spent and earmarked in the 2nd quarter of 2015.

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R2O Profit Bootcamp Review

I had the privilege of attending as a guest of Dave Debeau’s Canadian Real Estate Profits group to the last R2O Bootcamp right here in Kamloops BC.

If you are framiliar with Rent to own/lease options, this was a great course that covered the basics with a lot of gold nuggets along the way. Here are some of the guest speakers and things they taught that stuck me as very valuable:


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Invest Kamloops Interview Series

The Invest Kamloops monthly interview series features successful business owners and investors who are benefiting from the Kamloops economy.  You will learn the secrets to their success, and specific strategies to implement.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been investing for a while, the stories here will inform and inspire.

These interviews will show you what small changes in your life will produce big results.

 Please sample the October 2014 Mastermind call from a successful REAG member with a deep well of experience. It was a pleasure to interview this gentleman: Mel Johnson Interview

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Sam Perren is a Real Estate Investment Advisor, Family Man, Published Author, and works as a Police Officer.  Sam has purchased over 2 Million dollars in residential real estate, and is a member of Mastermind Networks who’s members have purchased over $5B of real estate. Sam’s experience includes two years of university at UBCO, a carpentry apprenticeship, and more than seven years law enforcement.  Sam successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course in 2011, a credential required for all financial advisers.

 Sam is growing his portfolio using the S.A.F.E. principles he developed, and has been creating double digit returns using Real Estate since to the delight of his partners since 2009.  Sam is seeking more investment partners, however due to time constraints, opportunities to work with Sam are limited.

Minimum capital required to work with Sam is $150,000 unless you wish to buy part of an existing deal(you can get a share right now for only $40,000). Your ability to qualify for mortgages would also be an asset.  Your investment is also RRSP eligible.

Sam lives and invests in Kamloops BC, and can be reached at 1.888.532.7660 or