I’ve recently been introduced to a great resource for improving sales, Kevin Hogan.

If you are interested in this type of thinking you will love his content. Here are some golden eggs:

  1. If you truly care about your customers they will be loyal for a lifetime.
  2. Use the word “because” in answers to the question “why.” It will trigger compliance over 50% of the normal response rate.
  3. In person meetings – Keep your hands positioned in such a way that they could never remind someone of a time they were struck it abused.
  4. Induce reciprocity. Give away something of perceived value and they will feel compelled to do likewise.
  5. Contrast. Show your expensive item first, then show the best option/least expensive option.
  6. Become friends before the sale to increase compliance. Point out drawbacks of a product to gain trust or give examples how you helped your family make the choice you are promoting.
  7. Expect your customer to buy from you. They likely will because they will be following the lead of your unconscious body language and the way you conduct yourself.
  8. Link yourself and products to respected, famous and experienced.
  9. Consistency. When your prospect takes a position in writing he will strongly defend that belief regardless of its accuracy.
  10. Scarcity. “Limited supplies” in your ad copy will boost sales.  Your customer must be aware that Something about you or your services is scarce. “What if house prices rise by 10% while you are making a decision. You will have to be in the market a lot longer to catch up.
  11. Conformity. Allow your client to see his future after purchasing your product as one where friends and family approve and are excited about the purchase.
  12. Win-Win is critica.

Great tips for your own sales, or even things to keep in mind next tie you are negotiating with that used car salesman 🙂 Learn more at http://www.kevinhogan.com/coffee.

I hope you enjoyed!


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