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Invest Kamloops Newsletter | October 25, 2015 | Vol 2 | Issue 13


Invest Kamloops Newsletter | October 25, 2015 | Vol 2 | Issue 13


The faithful friend is a secure refuge.- Ancient Proverb


Two months ago I commented how time flies, and it certainly does. So much has happened, stay tuned for some exciting announcements – before the new year I promise 🙂

2015-10-19 14.42.09

In the meantime, I was very lucky to have help painting the fence at one of my rental properties last week.  These two are great friends, it’s cool how close in age they are. 

Anyway, here is the latest newsletter:

  1. Barry McGuire’s Rapid Cash – Review
  2. Invest Kamloops TV – kids helped purchase new townhouse
  3. Deal of the Week
  4. Q3 Local Economic Update – $310,000,000 GDP for Kamloops in Q3

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Review of Barry McGuire’s Rapid Cash Program



I recently had the privilege of taking Barry McGuire’s course on starting a real estate business outside of traditional buy-and-hold.

As you are probably aware, I am a huge proponent of buy-and-hold, my portfolio ATM is buy-and-hold. Starting down this path 7 years ago is what is allowing me to leave a secure job to follow my desire of being a “present parent”(Mr Mom).

Anyway, I used to shun anything not buy-and-hold as risky, ironically following Barry’s advice I had heard in my early years of investing. I knew people were making money in other ways, but I wasn’t ready to explore anything else until Barry started talking about alternative real estate investment deals coming through his law practice. When I saw this course being taught by Barry(who I hold in very high esteem), I knew I had to check it out.

Although I could never reproduce the depth of information from 3 days of instruction in this short blog post, here are some of the gems I learned:

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Kamloops Q3 Economic Update


Kamloops Third Quarter of 2015 Economic Update

These articles may seen boring, but money being spent in Kamloops represents GDP growth.  That means jobs, which means people, which means higher home prices and tighter rent markets, GREAT NEWS for landlords like you and me :).

Millions have been earmarked for Kamloops, and shovels are in the ground! As a recap 2015 we have:

Q1: $148M

Q2: $168M

Q3: Check out this list of $310M(!!!!!) spent and earmarked in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

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Invest Kamloops Newsletter | August 25, 2015 | Vol 2 | Issue 12


Invest Kamloops Newsletter | August 25, 2015 | Vol 2 | Issue 12


And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.- The Golden Rule


Time flies… It’s already been a year since these little munchkins entered our lives and wow have they grown! Today Marcy and I celebrate 8 years married. Wow. 2015-06-28 09.42.42


I tried my hand at “scrapbooking” for Marcy’s birthday last week, and made a mini picture album of the past year.  It is hard to believe how much can change in such a short time!  Going through photos I think our kids have doubled in size! Landen is now the age we first met Livy(he couldn’t even crawl then), and she is talking enough to have a meaningful conversation! I’ve discovered why time seems to move so fast, you can read about it here if you are so inclined. 

Anyway, here is the latest jam packed newsletter:

  1. Book review – How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  2. Invest Kamloops TV – Purchase of a house with suite(before and after videos)
  3. Deal of the Week
  4. Financial Advisors work for? – My dealings with a financial advisor. 
  5. Is a pension like a Set For Life ticket?
  6. Q2 Local Economic Update – $168,000,000 GDP Sample for Kamloops in Q2
  7. Rent to own Summit Review

PS: The Golden Rule theme runs though most of this newsletter content: from how to win friends, to how to structure fair RTO deals, to me GIVING AWAY my latest deal with $30K equity in it(normally you would have to be a subscriber), doing well to unto others is a reward in itself. Hope you enjoy!

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R2O Profit Bootcamp Review


I had the privilege of attending as a guest of Dave Debeau’s Canadian Real Estate Profits group to the last R2O Bootcamp right here in Kamloops BC.

If you are framiliar with Rent to own/lease options, this was a great course that covered the basics with a lot of gold nuggets along the way. Here are some of the guest speakers and things they taught that stuck me as very valuable:

Dan Heon

Very knowledgeable mortgage broker. Has a service that keeps tenant buyers accountable for the length of the term. It’s very cheap($1500 1st yr and $500 /yr thereafter) and includes 4 quarterly checks with your tenant buyer with reporting.

Ken Beaton

Leverage: Banks sell mutual funds so they must be good. If you go into your bank with $100,000 and ask for $500,000 of the banks’ mutual funds you will be told no. But go with $100,000 and ask to buy a $500,000 piece of property and they ask you to have a seat. They won’t even leverage thier own product but thy will leverage real estate.”

Dave Dubeau

As a refreshing change, Dave Dubeau spoke about rent to own scams and how we as potential rent to own operators should ensure to follow a proven system so we don’t end up on front page news. If you have good intentions but no plan, things can go sideways quickly. Here are a few of the types of rent to own scams:

“Nice people – dumb deals.” 

– no plan

– no paperwork

– no follow up

– failure, hard feelings, small claims court

– ie Parents by their kids a house, employer buys their employee house, tenant buyer does not live up to expectations, there is no recourse for investor. Relationships damaged.
“Churn and burn”

-typically an unscrupulous landlord

– Intentionally seeking a tenant failure(accepting the first person who has a large enough option payment, that is the only criteria)

– Incomplete paperwork, no credit repair plan

– tenant buyer gets screwed

“Rent to own investors falling victim to turn key deals”

– Rent to own operator/deal maker finds a deal

– Finds rent to own operator finds a “deal”

– Find a tenant buyer

– Wholesales the entire deal to you

– They keep the option fee and leave you to deal with the fallout
– No skin in the game

Some of examples of this might be the Golden Oaks company in Ottawa as per attendee discussion.


Barry McGuire

Form C of the Land Titles Act is very useful for registering Option to Purchase, JV agreements, and other things against the title of a property. Very interesting and would have saved me a ton of time trying to figure out how to secure interests in the past.  In Alberta this is called a caveat, Ontario it is called something else. A good idea if you are an RTO buyer to register your option to purchase on title.



It sure is neat to get the perspective of different investors, that is why I encourage everyone I meet to continue their education and attend events even if they do not seem like they are in line with their current strategy.
Myself I will continue with buy-and-hold, but it is nice to have added rent to own to my toolbox.
Until next time,
Stay until next time,


Kamloops Q2 2015 Economic Fundamentals


Kamloops Second Quarter of 2015 Economic Update

These articles may seen boring, but money being spent in Kamloops represents GDP growth.  That means jobs, which means people, which means higher home prices and tighter rent markets, GREAT NEWS for landlords like you and me :).

Millions have been earmarked for Kamloops, and shovels are in the ground! Check out this list of $168M(!!!!!) spent and earmarked in the 2nd quarter of 2015.

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Set for Life(?)


This is for all my friends lucky enough to have an employer with a pension plan, although I am specifically speaking about the RCMP pension plan, this information holds true for most others as well. To my readers without pensions, you’re lucky not to have these “golden handcuffs”(you will be forced out of nessesity to find your path sooner, and done correctly your choices will dwarf any pention!)

You may not have realized it, but when you signed up you entered a world few people know. 
About ten years later you’ve had your ups and downs, your career is off to a good start, and you likely have the rest of your working life planned out. 
You’ve made a difference, changed many lives, did some great work, served your country and community. 
You also have more responsibility. Perhaps you got married(more than once), had kids, started to support your aging parents, picked up some new hobbies, and likely some debt. 
You’ve never worried about finances, after all there is plenty of overtime(one of the benefits of being short staffed), and you’ve got a pention at the end of it all. 
Your set for life!
Did you know that eventually your pension will be something that rhymes with you(hero)?
That’s right, all your years of labour, your service to the people of this country, and the thousands of lives you touched will eventually be worth(financially) nothing. 
Let me explain. 
Once you hit 20 years service you are locked into the pension, the more you work after this the higher your pension(sort of). 
But when you die(we all do), your pension does 1 of 3 things:

1. Splits in 2 with your spouse(s) getting 50%. Once they die your pension = zero. 

2. Your children get 20% until they are adults then your pension = zero.

3. You have no spouse and/or your dependants are adults so your pension = zero.
You’ve spent most of your working life in service of others, looking out for thier best interests. 
You owe it to yourself, and to those you care about the most to look after thier best interests too!
Here are some possible solutions:

1. Buy and maintain supplemental life insurance. Calculate what you’d dependants will need from you for the next 20 years. You will discover that if you’re not there to give it to them, the life insurance policy through your employer is a pittance. 

2. Practice fiscal responsibility(be a good saver). This is hard for me. I work harder than most so feel I deserve more in my downtime. This costs money. 

3. Invest wisely. 

4. Make the Set for Life(?) choice – only available to those between 10-20 years service. 
Once you are vested in your pension, a little timer starts, and you have 10 years to make a big choice. 
It’s not an easy one. There is lots to consider. It’s a choice many lottery players fantasize about. 
Monthly payments or lump sum?
To make the right choice for you, ask yourself a few of these questions: 

How is my health? 

What is my family history/life expectancy?

Will I get hit by a bus(or insert other disaster) early in retirement? 

How long will I live?

Do I have the disapline to invest a lump sum wisely or will I spend it on booze/cars/travel, and after a few years of living large be left eating cat food under a bridge? 

Do I need capital to start a business?(after all my skills are very desirable/transferable to the private sector and business world). 

Will I work for another employer?

What do my dependants need when I’m gone?

How can I leave as much as possible for them?

How much is the lump sum?

How long would it last me?

Can I make it grow?

What would you do with $125,000 or $300,000 cash(a similar amount also is locked away till you turn 65)?
For many, taking the lump sum at 19.99 years or perhaps earlier makes sense. 
Especially with this decades’ record low interest rates(lower the rate, higher your cash payout)!
If you have any further questions about your pension, are curious about your transfer value, or want to learn more about my financial plan, you can reach me by visiting 
You can see what I’ve been up to(and why), sign up for regular newsletter tips, or read other interesting articles. 
Until next time,
Stay SAFE 

Financial Advisors work for ….?


I want to share a recent email I got from a big bank. 

Sxxxxxxxxx Advisor and Bio

Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx
to me 
6 days ago
Hello Samuel,
 As a valued customer, I want to introduce myself as I will now be looking after your day to day financial and investing needs. I would also like to confirm your home phone number is (250) 828-xxxx.
 My name is Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx. My training and education allows me to help you achieve your financial goals by providing valuable insight and relevant advise. I am a graduate of the University of Nxxxxxx Xx, with a Bachelor of Commerce and I also hold the Personal Financial Planner designation. I have worked with Sxxxxxxxxx clients for 15 years.
What I can do for you: 

  • Provide value-added advise, excellent service and relevant financial solutions to help you get ahead financially.
  • Work with you to ensure your financial needs are looked after and your goals stay on track.
  • I would be pleased to meet with you and help you achieve your goals. Please call me today to arrange your personal consultation. Thank you for choosing Sxxxxxxxxx.
    Have an excellent day.
    Kind Regards,
    Sxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxx, BComm, PFP
    Financial Advisor
    Sxxxxxxxxx | Sahali Branch  Notre Dame Drive, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, V2C 6T6
     T EXT xxxx  F
    To unsubscribe from receiving further commercial electronic messages from sxxxxxxx in Canada, please click here: unsubscribe from receiving further commercial electronic messages from certain other senders set out in the attached list, please click here: This email may contain confidential information the use of which by an unintended recipient is unauthorized. This email may also contain important disclosure information for the records of the intended recipient(s). For details please click here:

    It was a friendly(though unsolicited) invitation to share my hopes and dreams for the future with a stranger, so they can help me achieve them. 

    How nice. 

    I normally don’t spend much time entertaining these things, but I thought that since this email was so politely written I should at least have the courtesy to reply:

    Sam P
    to Sxxxxxxxx
    6 days ago

    Hi Sxxxxxxxx
    Thanks very much for contacting me! 
    I would love the opportunity to meet and chat. Are you are probably aware I have a mortgage at Sxxxxxxxxx. 
    I’ve been buying property since 2009 and currently hold $2.8M in residential real estate with partners($19,636/mo gross rents), and in 30 years will own 40% of that free and clear($1.12M so long as the market doesn’t go down over the next 30 years). My annual rental income at that time should be around $100k/yr if I don’t buy any more property or raise the rents, but I plan on buying as much as possible so hopefully it will be higher. 
    In the meantime I am providing my money partners with a great ROI(equity partners get over 10% annual ROI if counting net cashflow and thier share of mortgage pay down, debt partners are paid between 4-8% for loans on my property). 
    After completing the CSC, I have a rough understanding of the financial markets and know there is over a trillion dollars sitting idle in candian mutual funds(that have some of the highest fees on the world), so I am doing my best to help people get a decent ROI through real estate, so they too can reach their goals. 
    Perhaps you or your clients would be interested, my investments are also RSP elligible(mortgage in a self directed account). 
    In any event I would love to meet. 
    When are you free?

    It has been a week and I have not received a reply…

    I was really hoping for some helpful advise, or at least to compare bank accounts.  I heard once “don’t take financial advice from someone who earns less” and also from Aesop himself “distrust interested advice“. 

    Perhaps I will receive a reply in time, when I do I will be sure to let you know. 
    Until next time,
    Stay SAFE

    Book Review – How to win friends and influence people


    There is nothing new to be said about Dale Carnegie’s book, I have heard it quoted by many people(cited or not) teaching self improvement, and it is very cool to have found the source of so much of what I have learned.

    All these rules can be summed up quite easily. “Kill them with kindness” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” come to mind.

    The biggest reason this book packs such an impact is the stories that accompany each lesson.

    And therin lies the biggest secret of all – learn to be a good story teller.

    Here are the rules to live by, be sure to pick up this book if you haven’t read it yet to get the full context.

    2015-06-02 11.46.04 2015-06-02 11.46.42

    2015-06-02 11.54.13

    Until next time,
    Stay SAFE