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R.C.M.P. – Real estate Cop Making Progress (part I)


I’ve been working on the title of my next book(the title is more important than the content) and think the above might work…. Thoughts?

I’ll begin the manuscript here, please make suggestions or comment below


I – Pre Police

Most first responders join up because there is something wrong with them. By that I mean they are wounded people, and join because they want to fix what hurt them.

I grew up fast, the eldest of 4 in small town Alberta. Life changed when I was 11, a transition from homeschooling to the public system meant I was picked on. I was big so the fights were never too bad(for me), but the emotional pain of bullying was worse. My parents couldn’t work much during these formative years because of a terrible battle with depression.  Long hospitalizations, frequent visits by police and ambulance, feelings of helplessness because as a kid there is nothing you can do to help. I had little money until I started working, my first formal job was at age 14 at a grocery store for $5.95/hr. Sports were my outlet, football, some boxing and basketball. C student, heavy drinking, partying, wasting money on crappy vehicles and hobbies and partying. I tried to join the princess patricia light infantry at 16 but broke my collarbone, so instead of summer boot camp I took summer school. I surprised myself and teachers by pulling mostly “A”s through grade 12. After graduation and barely 18, I skipped a government scholarship to become a paramedic(like my dad was) in favor of an offer to tryout at a CJFL(football) in BC.

I worked various labour jobs(digging holes, moving furniture, building houses, chicken barns, crypts) and went to school while playing football. I took students loans but dropped out of UBCO after 2 years with only $30,000 debt to show for it. Making between $11-14/hr, I learned what it was like to barely scrape by. When I was working as a carpenter’s apprentice, I got my first taste of the underbelly of society.

The lead hand was a crack addict(functional mostly). He was a fast at framing, but I watched him go through several cycles of binging, getting clean, then binging again. In a very short time he went from a clean cut, muscular looking, fun loving guy to a toothless, eyes sunken in, raving lunatic who couldn’t hold a job. I remember having a meeting with my boss saying that I thought we needed to have an intervention because this guy must be mentally ill.  Our boss was a very tolerant and forgiving fellow, and kept giving the lead hand many chances until he was finally fired for good. “Great carpenter, bad businessman…” is what I thought of my boss, because our paychecks would frequently bounce or be late.

By this time I had been looking for a way out of my financial mess and started to self educate. A girlfriend had a copy of  Rich dad, poor dad which led to many other books(STOP WORKING) about stocks and real estate investing.

Anyway I got tired of the uncertainty of paychecks and low wages and “went out on my own” doing handyman work. I learned how to work for free on various project because I frequently bid too low, trying to stay busy. Some jobs went well and the big pay days kept me going. Unbeknownst to me, one of my first “big customers” when I went out on my own was a big time drug dealer.  I was very happy because I got a “big contract” to make an addition to the guest house of a mansion.  The customer was a huge tall muscular guy. His house was huge, his backyard was a tiled pool with outdoor kitchen, manicured gardens, and the guest house was a 2 bedroom house nicer than anything I ever lived in. There were multiple nice cars, lifted trucks, motorcycles, and most predominantly a huge “cigarette speed boat”.

Naively I thought “this guy must be a very successful stock broker.” I then heard that the landscaper who was putting in the Koi ponds and the manicured gardens had gotten beat up by the customer, right in front of his crew.  I heard it was because he owed money from a nasty coke habit. There were shady looking guys coming around the jobsite to visit the mansion house frequently, they drove crappy cars and wore loose clothes, flat hats and talked like gangsters. I didn’t think much of it and framed the walls, poured the slab, framed the roof and paid for a disposal bin. One of the guys asked me for advice on how to build a floor “that could hold the weight of a car.”  I had no problems getting paid until the “3rd draw” when instead of the original customer I was now dealing with a little dark skinned guy who had recently been released from prison for murder. He demanded to see receipts and said I was cheating the customer, and that I better finish the rest of the job for free “or else.” I went to a football coach for advice and he said “thug tactics only work on thugs, tell them to take you to small claims court.”  I said that and got a clear message that it was not a satisfactory answer, so I never returned to the jobsite, abandoned my tools and lost money in materials and labour.

I then felt like I was being followed and scared these people would learn where I lived, threatening my fiance(now wife). We moved away in a hurry and I developed the attitude was “join a gang, or be a victim of one.”

I saw an ad that “the RCMP is hiring” and thought I would join the biggest gang in Canada and put in my application…..







II – Application process

It was 8month from the time I put in the application to flying to Regina in Feb 2007.  They do a lot of digging and unearth all past sins(lighting a classmate’s hair on fire, getting in fights…) …. to be continued


Kamloops Property Report – Feb 7, 2016 – Vol 3 – Issue 2


2016-02-05 18.13.23.jpg“The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away. […] So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” – Psalm 90:10-12

Superbowl 50, Chinese New Year and Valentines’s Day.

So much for the “shoulder season” where we can recover from Christmas/New Year until Easter rolls around! I didn’t even mention Family Day and Fat Tuesday. Dion’t get me wrong, I love an excuse to celebrate. It’s just that with parties come food, and my every expanding waistline can’t handle it :P. If only there were a time of year where we could commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuries, I imagine that would make for a health life/society. Oh well.

I’m told that time speeds up as we age, and it feels like life is going 100 miles an hour right now. I can’t believe how fast Lacianna is growing, she used to just sleep and eat but now she is almost getting ready to crawl!

Superbowl Musings
Despite the controversy, I did especially enjoy this part of the big game.

Hundreds vented their frustration at Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs' winning 'Crash the Super Bowl' commercial which opens with a father loudly eating Doritos during his partner's ultrasound

What do you think? Funny or gross?


Did you know 2016 is the year of the Monkey?  
恭禧發, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hey Fat Choy, Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

According to Chinese lore, Monkey is a smart, naughty, wily and vigilant animal. If you want to have good return for your investments, then you need to outsmart the Monkey. Think twice before you leap when making changes to your finance, career, business and personal relationships.(Good advice no mater what the year :P)

Valentine’s Day
Reminder – treat your sweetie!

Marcy and I took in Johnny Reid on his 3rd stop of the “What love is all about” tour last week. She booked the tickets and arranged for a sitter without me knowing.2016-02-03 21.47.22.jpg

What a great time! A hugely positive message, and an awesome lesson in engagement. Johnny Reid is a master relationship manager and here are some of the things I noticed:
– he did his usual run off stage to the chagrin of his security staff(floor seat audience member danced with him, posed for selfies and got autographs)
– he introduced and talked up his team(Jamaican musicians, a dancing fiddler, his opening acts)
– he called us all his friends, not his fans
– he told us he donated $1 of each ticket to a local school for the music program – then he brought up the students and sang with them! Marcy was so touched she started crying!
– he would take audience members cameras/phone and take a video while running around the stage(contrast this to other shows where crew stand by with flashing lights to blind people trying to take amateur photos)
– he shot T-shirts into the crowd
– he was very obviously having the time of his life

Pure genius.

All these things made the crowd buy-in to the show and the energy was very high(surprisingly for a room where the average age might have been 50).  If you hit one of his concerts you will become a raving fan friend. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Since I got my gift early I decided to take Landen shopping early as well. No last minute gas-station valentine’s gift from me this year!  We got the girls each a pair of their very own slippers.

2016-02-08 02.42.29.jpg

Now I know what you might be thinking, why would I put these photos here, won’t it ruin the surprise?

Well, I’ve come to realize that Marcy doesn’t read my newsletters.

LOL, I guess you can have too much of a good thing 😀

I could say anything about her here and she would never know(unless you told her of course ;))


Anyway, here this this month’s newsletter:

  1. 77 Seconds with Sam – Post Retirement Work
  2. Deals of the Month
  3. Type II Civilization Here We Come
  4. Is your money being held hostage?
  5. Free Resources

Click to view

Hope you enjoy!


Free Tickets Valued at $100 Each


I had a recent guest cancellation to a great event and I now have 2 free tickets valued at $100ea.  They are going to be going out first-come-first-serve and I am only offering to my regular readers so get in touch with me today!

Landrush 2015 is going to be a great event and here are the details if you can be in Vancouver this Saturday.

February 28, 2015
9 am – 5 pm


Is the Bubble coming? What about interest rates?

Is Vancouver’s housing market going to crash? What about Alberta’s oil-dependent cities?
Condos for 43K? Really? Is it the bottom in Phoenix? Las Vegas?
Ok, I know the cities…but what about which Suburbs?
Learn how to buy/sell/finance/manage and account your USA properties.
Find out all this and more at the LAND RUSH 2015 Real Estate Conference!
This year the ALL NEW CONFERENCE will again select the wheat from the chaff…Inflation or deflation, impact of the economy on markets? 10 Ace speakers predict the future of the Canadian and US real estate markets. All your questions WILL be answered!



About the Land Rush Conference

Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel

Join us for our 23rd annual Real Estate Outlook…


Our conference is in its 23rd year. Since its inception The Jurock Real Estate Insider LAND RUSH conference has established itself as the quintessential real estate outlook for the serious investor or homeowner. Fine central venue, seasoned presenters and quality exhibitors.

The focus is buying and selling real estate for the home owner and especially for the real estate investor. Where to buy? How and where to find the best financing.

This year the ALL NEW CONFERENCE will again select the wheat from the chaff…Inflation or deflation, impact of the economy on markets. Highlight major markets such as Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton but also focus on areas such as the Lower Mainland, Whistler, Vancouver Island, the Interior. Presenters pride themselves to clarify their outlook and answer questions. Most will be available for the SUPER PANEL. All your questions WILL be answered!



Some US markets are clearly bottoming, having seen declines in price of up to 50%.
But buying in the US is different. We are foreigners. What are the rules? What exactly is a short sale? Do auctions work for Canadians?
What is a Bank repo? What of the foreclosure system?
Did you know that buying in California means that you have to declare your world income! Did you want to do that? Did you know that buying in Florida means that you have to pay double the taxes of Floridians?
Speaking of taxes…You must understand the difference in taxation. Should you buy inside a company or in your own name? How to finance your purchase? Property Management?
Which city to buy in, which to avoid.

4 experts will talk about real estate investing in the US. Special focus in Arizona and Nevada. Outlook, forecast…

Jurock Real Estate Insider believes hat the bottom of the housing market is close. Learn how you can participate.


We live in uncertain times. The next 18 months will be crucial for the Real Estate investor in Western Canada. What are the future prices in BC? Buy now or sell now?

What to buy and what not to in resorts. Do you know that some resort properties have tripled in price while others in the same resort did not rise 1 cent? Did you know that not all mortgage brokers have access to major financial institutions?

We will be handing out 100 ‘good deal’ properties under $100,000. Prizes and draws galore…a 1 day event totally designed to inform educate and elevate.

I look forward to personally meeting you at the event.

Ozzie Jurock
Jurock’s Real Estate Insider

2015 YTD – Kamloops Economic Fundamentals


Some new is boring to many people – who cares what the city is spending on road maintenance?

Not me! At least not directly… What I am interested in is what the local financial & economic news means to my situation.  For instance if that road maintenance makes life easier for commuters, perhaps an area is more desirable to live and I can pickup deals in that area before prices rise.

Deals fund my desired life, and they can for you too!  To find clues on living your life on your terms check out these news stories:


Feb 22 – Kaktus Flats: Kamloops’ New(?) Raw Land Development

I’ve not seen it in any major or local news, but the Kaktus Flats development is bringing more much needed industrial land to Kamloops.  I saw a sign yesterday as I was driving to do some showings to new tenants, and did some research.  You heard it here first!  “Kaktus Flats offers a unique opportunity for corporations looking for industrial and commercial sites. The [Kamloops] location complements the Trans-Canada and Yellowhead highways combined with the two national railways CN and CP, makes it the best-situated intermodal facility within the province.” Read more about this developer who has stepped up to develop 82 acres of industrial land in Kamloops in response to increased demand on their website here.


Feb 21 – Sales are up y/y: BCREA

Kamloops is second only to Chilliwack for January sales in B.C. smaller cities.  In fact Kamloops, Chiliwak, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley are they only Real Estate boards that have posted higher residential sales in than the year before.  Lower sales than the same time in 2014 have been recorded in BC Northern, Kootenay, South Okanagan, Powell River, Okanagan Mainline, Vancouver Island and Victoria RE boards.

Kamloops is experiencing growth in values and sales as much of the rest of the province struggles.



Feb 20 – Moving the bar: How we are sold that inflation is only 2%.

I got an email from Stats Can this morning detailing how the “basket of goods” used to measure inflation has changed again.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I have found it interesting that conventional wisdom traps people in mediocrity.


Feb 19 – 700 Athletes and Coaches in Kamloops this weekend

There is another tournament in Kamloops, one of many that bolster the tourism industry in Kamloops. Read the story here.


Feb 18 – Kamloops New Law School Gains Renown

Thompson River’s University new law school beat out UBC and UVic in a recent competition. The more attention Kamloops gets, the more applicants to the school and perhaps a chance at further growth to meet the demand.


Feb 18 – TCH to get $151M upgrades between AB and Kamloops

The recently released budget allocated $151M to improve the TCH to Kamloops over the next 3 years. It is part of a $650M commitment for improvements to be spent by 2022. Improved infrastructure in an already bustling transportation industry is good for Kamloops. Details here.


Feb 17 – Direct flights introduced: Kamloops to Edmonton

Daily flights to Edmonton are now here. Calgary already had twice daily flight, but due to increased traffic the Edmonton route was introduced. “Kamloops is a great getaway destination with skiing, golfing, wineries, and more; and for Kamloops, Edmonton is a big draw for business, shopping and festivals, and it’s a key connection for workers commuting to northern Alberta and northern Canada.” Read more.


Feb 16 – Kamloops Rent Bank Increase

The rent bank provides one-time emergency loans to families and individuals to help cover rental costs and has been in operation in Kamloops for 2 years. $15,000 per year will be added to the rent bank.  For what this means to landlords, please read “How to be a socially responsible landlord”


Feb 15 – Kamloops Dylan Armstrong finally awarded Olympic medal

Olympian Dylan Armstrong was finally awarded his 2008 bronze medal.  He had missed the bronze by less than a centimeter to a competitor who has since had the medal stripped for cheating with performance enhancing drugs. Congratulations Dylan, we are very proud of you!


Feb 12 – Ajax Mine update: $59M spent in 2014

Progress in develop Kamloops’ newest mine is well underway. “This schedule will enable mine construction to begin in 2016 with production commencing towards the end of 2018.” Read full story here.


Feb 9 – Housing Starts Kamloops up 150% for Jan y/y

Housing starts in Kamloops are up for January 150%. Sounds impressive right?  Well there were more, but it was only 6 more for a total of 10.  It’s important to understand percentages can be manipulated to make good news seem amazing, and likewise bad news can seem horrendous.  Anyway, things are steadily increasing all over the Thompson-Okanagan, you can real about it all here:


Feb 8 – Kamloops gets $231,000 for arts

Five groups in Kamloops are receiving more than $231,000 worth of grants from the B.C. Arts Council. Read more.


Feb 8 – Kamloops Innovation Centre the answer for start ups

There is a trend that Kamloops startups have embraced. “Coworking is a global movement that recognizes that people work better together than they do alone.”  Basically it is a shared office space where startups have access to amenities they usually cannot afford such as a boardroom, office space, and private meeting rooms.  Since the majority of employers are small businesses, a place to foster small business growth is great! Details here.


Feb 6 – Mine emissions far less than trumped up numbers

Ajax opponents cited high particulate matter by local mines, so another mine “will result in serious health problems.”  Turns out there was an error in the date for New Gold’s numbers thanks to ” incomplete year of data and an error on a spreadsheet” and the originally touted 1,700 tonnes of PM2.5 release was actually only 20 tonnes.  The company notes it installed a high efficiency dust collection system that reduces the total particulate matter by ‘greater than 95 per cent’ in 2013. The same could be done for Kamloop’s newest mine. Full story.


Jan 30 – Kamloops is well positioned to take advantage of an LNG boom in British Columbia

“From mining to forestry, from health care to post-secondary education, Kamloops is an integral logistical hub for goods and services with talented and skilled people,” said Keane, the president of the B.C. LNG Alliance.  Read more.


Jan 31 – Sun Peaks extends ski season

“New terrain on the northeast aspect of Tod Mountain provides some of the best and latest spring skiing in the area,” says resort spokesman Aidan Kelly. Visitors will be able to ski at the half-day lift ticket rate from April 7 to 12. to check out the new runs that now make Sun Peaks Canada’s second largest ski area.

Jan 28 – New city council maps out 4 year plan

Council agreed on the following immediate short-term priorities at a recent planning meeting: Cultural centre business plan: Official community plan; Service capacity review; Industrial land strategy; and Downtown revitalization bylaw review. Council is forward looking and interested in the growth of Kamloops. Read more.

Jan 23 – More Highway improvement near Kamloops

The second phase of the Pritchard to Hoffman’s Bluff project will widen 3.1 kilometres of Highway 1 from two to four lanes, improving safety through one of the most challenging sections of the route. The project is part of a commitment to invest $650 million over 10 years into Highway 1 between Kamloops and the Alberta border. Full article.


Jan 22 – More Tourism for Kamloops

There are too many events being put on in Kamloops to keep track of, with many new ones bringing the crowds. Events such as put on by the new Kamloops Wineries Associationhigh-flying free ride mountain bike event The FEST that is stops here during it’s worldwide tour, and Slide the City are just a few recent examples.


Jan 20 – Layoff causes concerns, digging deeper reveals the truth

Many people may be concerned by the news that 48 people were laid off at Horizon North, but I spoke with a field manager who advised me things are not as bad as they seem.  The people who were laid off locally were offered jobs in the field but declined to pursue other opportunities. THEY COULD HAVE KEPT THEIR JOBS BUT CHOSE NOT TO.  Also of interest is that Horizon North(1800 employees company wide), which builds mobile homes for the camps in the oil and gas industry, is bidding on the contract to build the camp at the Site C Dam, and it will be the biggest contract they ever had.  With that magnitude of a camp, will real estate in northern BC take off as much as expected? That remains to be seen.


Jan 19 – Airport has another record breaking year

In 2014, 312,895 passengers passed through the airport, a 7.2 per cent increase over the 290,394 passengers who used the terminal in 2013. Read entire story.




So far, the economics for Kamloops first 2 month of 2015 show business as usual: further steady growth.  Looking forward to higher rents and values soon!


Comments or question, please leave them below. For regular updates on the Kamloops Economic Fundamentals, please subscribe to the Invest Kamloops Newsletter.


Until next time,
Stay S.A.F.E.

How to select a property – it’s not only about cashflow


Watch this two minute video to see how I select my properties. There is select criteria they must meet before I will put in an offer.


I’m putting offers on three properties today and one will be featured on my “Deal of the Week” email, so make sure you are signed up to receive them.

If you would like to access to the password protected site area “Deal of the Week”,


Why I’m Kamloops Best Landlord



Here I am helping my new tenant move at 8pm on the 1st, instead of cuddling my wife at home like I would have preferred. There was no moving trucks available so I volunteered my trailer and my strong back to get it done.

I know that this small sacrifice on my part makes a huge difference in the lives of my tenants, so I’m happy to do so whenever possible.

I also like to reward tenants during the tenancy. I had a tenant who spent his afternoon shovelling the neighbourhood properties, my neighbours were very happy and told me so. I promptly went to get a $50 Tim’s card and a movie pass with a note “thanks for being such great tenants. ”

There is a self serving benefit as well: when I start a tenancy off on the right foot with an act of kindness and a welcome basket, I know my tenants will reciprocate by treating the place with respect and being flexible when things go wrong.

It’s win/win. The benefits of this attitude far outweighs the chance of being taken advantage of.

I know it will happen, but I also know I have recourse, and am quick to implement it when things do go wrong.

This is a business after all, so the law of reciprocity is attempted one time with each person, if they let me down there are no second chances!

I’ve found this approach produces a tenant profile who consistently pay top of market rents on time and care for the property.


Until next time,


Stay S.A.F.E.




To get lots more updates, please subscribe.  I will even send you a report on Kamloops for Real Estate Investors, totally free!


KGHM Ajax spent $27M so far


While doing research on an upcoming presentation, I was surprised to learn that “KGHM AJAX INC” has already spent $27 million since the company was formed in June 2010.

Try to follow the breadcrumbs, it took me a while to get it figured out.

Abacus formed KGHM Ajax and transferred all it’s mineral rights to the project for 49% share of the company.  KGHM International bought 51% of KGHM Ajax for $37M, this money was paid to KGHM Ajax. (Page 8 of the following report)

As of Sept 30, 2014 KGHM Ajax has $10M cash left, but also $9M in liabilities(page 11 of the following report).



That means that more than $27M has already been spent!


But that is just a drop in the bucket of the money that will be spent.  According to this document there will be almost $800M required as an initial investment, and according to this document 37% of that will be spent in Kamloops.


In summary $296M spent in Kamloops will certainly bolster the economy, and $40M/year thereafter in wages paid will support a sustained increase in house prices and rents, both good for Kamloops real estate investors.


I thought this was an interesting fact, and wanted to share it.


Until next time,


Stay S.A.F.E.




To get lots more updates, please subscribe.  I will even send you a report on Kamloops for Real Estate Investors, totally free!


It’s better to do things poorly… Invest Kamloops Newsletter | Jan 13, 2015 | Vol 2 | Issue 1




I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

We got very sick with a flu(all our guests too) so I hope yours was better than mine!
Anyway, we are now recovered and it’s back to business as usual.
So far in the new year my real estate world has been busy:
– 2 tenants gave notice so I’m marketing & showing the units
– 3 houses needed the insulation in the attics upgraded
– I made an offer to purchase a fourplex
– attending a networking REAG meeting yesterday in Vancouver(got home at 4am this morning) and will be headed to one at the end of the week in Calgary(REIN)
– removed some loose tile in the kids bathroom during bath times(if you’ve had little kids you know life revolves around nap times so you do projects a little at a time whenever you can fit them in)


Here is this week’s newsletter:


  1. Christmas Gift for you !
  2. Invest Kamloops TV – “Better to do things poorly…”
  3. Deal of the week: analyzed, researched, and ready to buy!

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How to make $16K in 2 hours


Big money made in Kamloops at a recent 2 hour event. Here’s how it happened.

There was a call at suppertime from an unknown number.

Usually I ignore these calls but for some reason I answered.

I was about to tell the caller to add me to the do not call list, when I heard “free event to learn about wholesaling right in Kamloops.”

“Sure, sign me up.” I replied.
After all, I didn’t know that wholesale deals existed in Kamloops, and I didn’t know much about this Real Estate strategy so I was intrigued.
Plus I thought it would be a great chance to meet other like minded investors.  
Before hanging up, I gave my email address, and the caller referenced “Scott Yancey from Flipping Vegas” many times. Before now I did not know about that TV show or who Scott was, but I was interested to meet him and in his model of investing.

Flash forward three weeks.  I get a reminder phone call, and am asked to dress in business casual.  I’m promised just for showing up I will get a free book, digital camera, and a real estate resource CD.

Wednesday night at 6 PM, I arrive.

There is a video playing with a guy talking, I learn this is Scott Yancey.  So, he is not going to be here tonight…

I think “Great, another US guru pitching his programs. Oh well, I’m here anyway so I may as well see what he has to say.”


The event then played out exactly like the CBC Marketplace episode that covered the Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars that toured Canada a while back.  If you don’t know about that story, check out the link above or just keep reading.

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Invest Kamloops Newsletter | Dec 2, 2014 | Vol 1 | Issue 13



It’s starting to feel like Christmas – I know, I know, I’m way early…

But this year I am very excited!  It’s our first Christmas with our kids, and Livy is old enough to understand what’s going on so we are going to have a ton of fun.

Anyway, I’ve got my business Christmas shopping done: chocolates for tenants(and welcome basket for my newest – Welcome Ashley and Jen!), and Bailey’s for my JV partners 🙂

2014-12-02 00.03.14

It’s important to show appreciation to those who make life better, and as much as I help my tenants and JV partners by working very hard, I feel blessed to have them in my life and contributing to my family’s future. Anyway here is what is in this week’s newsletter:

  1. Feature blog post – “Kamloops sits between Million dollar markets”
  2. Book review: “MONEY, Master the Game” by Tony Robbins
  3. Deal of the week: analyzed, researched, and ready to buy!

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