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“Your Life. Your Terms.: The Steps Canadians

Are Taking To Live Life on Their Terms”

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This is a compilation of the very unique and inspiring stories of local Canadians explaining how they’re taking control of their lives.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to take the next step in your own life, it may be the book for you.
This is NOT a typical how-to Real Estate book. This is a collection of stories less focused on the step-by-step instructions people use to invest, and more about the larger picture.  These are stories about how the authors used investing to create choices in their lives, the difference investing has made for them, how they overcame challenges, and where they are today.  These different investors all share how they have structured their lives “on their terms.”


This is NOT a “success stories book”, about people who have “made it” and are now reflecting back with memories that are not 100% accurate.  These are people “in the trenches” who are on the path to freedom, but not there yet.  You know the information will not be dated or “theory” because these are people building a future RIGHT NOW.


This IS about people who overcame disabilities and battled diseases to make a difference not only in their lives, but in those of their loved ones.  For example, one of the authors talks about the difference this financial foundation will have on his kids.


These are the steps ordinary Canadians are taking to live life on their terms, and hopefully you do too!


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