Are you ready to learn investing and business lessons THAT WORK from people actually doing it and not just talking about it?



The Invest Kamloops monthly interview series features successful business owners and investors who are benefiting from the Kamloops economy.  You will learn the secrets to their success, and specific strategies to implement.


Whether you are just starting out, or have been investing for a while, the stories here will inform and inspire.


These interviews will show you what small changes in your life will produce big results.


Maybe you have taken a course or two in the past… 


But a big jolt of information all at once rarely produces the results you are looking for. Only ACTION produces results!


I know from experience.


I have spent thousands of dollars on audio CDs, Books, Professional Fees, Binders, Forms, Clauses, Courses, Check Lists, and DVDs over the years. I have combed through all these but did not put them into action on my own.


For action that produces success, staying Informed and Motivated is key.


Regular dialogue and consistent communication gets results faster than anything else.


That is why I have created this interview series.  So that YOU can tap into a mastermind group.


A mastermind group that will
… connect you with other real estate investors who are focused on goal achievement …
… multiply your investing ideas …
… produce an explosion of energy and enthusiasm …
… use real life stories as motivation, and to spark ideas for your success.


When you subscribe, you will receive:
  1. A new Invest Kamloops Interview delivered to your inbox every month.
  2. The opportunity to get your specific questions answered on the call.
  3. The ENTIRE Invest Kamloops Interview Series Archive


Here is a preview of the question and answer section of a call where an investor is a sticky situation.


Just like this listener, I was an investor who got “stuck.” Simply reading books and attending monthly how-to seminars was making zero progress towards my goals. I was still making mistakes(for example failing to treat my investment like a business, or like Chris becoming friends with a tenant), because I didn’t have any “real people” in my life to compare stories with.


Then I joined a mastermind group.  At first I just listened in, but the stories I heard from people who overcame obstacles gave me context, and empowered me to take actions needed to get results.


Some of the very best training I received was listening to investors being interviewed.  Sometimes the names you have never heard of are the most impressive wealth builders of them all.


People just like you who have built thousands of dollars a month in steady cash flow and hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, in equity.


I’ll be interviewing them, pick their brains and get them to share their very best stuff.  Things like how they negotiate deals, where they find the best properties, how they finance them, how they market and what a typical day in their lives is like. Priceless stuff.


Want to know the best part?
Here’s the deal:


I’ve spent a lot of money on real estate education.  And I know how things work.  I could easily offer some kind of high-priced coaching program that sells for $2,997.00.


And, by doing that, I’d make a lot of money.  But, many good people wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the offer simply because it wouldn’t be in their budget.


Listen, I know.


I know what it’s like to run around from seminar to seminar.


I know what’s its like reading reports, books and strategies and trying to tweak them so they stand a chance of working for me.  


I know what’s its like to buy the promises of high priced super gurus on “easy” installment plans.


I know what its like chasing deals instead of building wealth.


I’ve been there and I know.

It’s for that reason that I’m not going to charge thousands of dollars that I really could charge for this interview series.  Instead, I’ve made it a no-brainer, and made it downright affordable for every budget.


You get a new interview and your questions answered monthly, and the entire Invest Kamloops Interview Series archive for only $7.77/mo.


 Why is this so affordable?


Because I benefit from these interviews as much as you do!  The inspiration my guests provide keeps up my momentum as I strive toward my next goal!   The truth is that the fee I charge will just cover the expenses of maintaining this website.


The only thing I ask in return is for a 14 month commitment. This will ensure I can continue to deliver quality content without breaking the bank.


And to save you money, I am offering you a $31 saving when you pay upfront.

Yes! Sign me up for 14 months for $108.78

Only $77.77

for fabulous interviews that will propel me to success;


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Someone even gave it a 5-star review!


The book is a compilation of the very unique and inspiring stories of local Canadians, mostly in the Greater Toronto Area, explaining how they’re taking control of their lives.



Some of my co-author’s journeys are completely shocking. If you’re looking for some inspiration to take the next step in your own life, it may be the book for you.


This is NOT a typical how-to Real Estate book. This is a collection of stories less focused on the step-by-step instructions people use to invest, and more about the larger picture.  These are stories about how the authors used investing to create choices in their lives, the difference investing has made for them, how they overcame challenges, and where they are today.  These different investors all share how they have structured their lives “on their terms.”


This is NOT a “success stories book”, about people who have “made it” and are now reflecting back with memories that are not 100% accurate.  These are people “in the trenches” who are on the path to freedom, but not there yet.  You know the information will not be dated or “theory” because these are people building a future RIGHT NOW.


This IS about people who overcame disabilities and battled diseases to make a difference not only in their lives, but in those of their loved ones.  For example, one of the authors talks about the difference this financial foundation will have on his kids.


These are the steps ordinary Canadians are taking to live life on their terms, and hopefully you do too!


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